Experience Keremeos Art at its Finest 

Take a tour of the beautiful town of Keremeos and experience a variety of artwork in the private galleries of accomplished local artists. A total of nine artists are featured in four locations.  Click here for map

 August 24th - 25th

 9 am - 5 pm daily 

LOCATION 1:        Bonny Roberts     Studio Gallery  

 423 Vanderlinde Drive Keremeos, BC  

Bonny will be joined by good friends and fellow artists
 Myra Hammond, Bev Smith and Lisa Zbinden.

Please check out the web sites to see our latest work.

Bonny Roberts

Keremeos is very proud to have world-class artist Bonny Roberts as a resident.  This incredible artist has been painting and experimenting in art for as long as she can remember. With a love of all mediums she has experimented in watercolour, acrylic, oil, ink and collage and has attended many workshops and seminars for all mediums. Recentley relocated to Keremeos from the Lower Mainland, she and her husband have built a spacious Studio/Gallery in her home. Having been a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists for many years, Bonny has attained her A.F.C.A. status and has taught many workshops in B.C. In recent years, she and her husband have been doing a lot of travelling and the uniqueness of each place visited is a continuing source of material for new paintings. With a number of awards and exhibitions under her belt and paintings sold world wide, she is currently exploring the world of colour and is turning more to the abstract for subject matter. Bonny's goal in every painting, whether abstract or representational, is to create excitement for the viewer. A piece must always stir the emotions. Energy and colour are the means by which she tries to achieve this goal.  

Art in the Garden

Bonny Roberts

Come and see some beautiful paintings in the beautiful setting of the garden of Bonny Roberts.

Fête Jardin

By Bonny Roberts

Changing Seasons

By Myra Hammond

Myra has been doing some form of art for most of her life.  Her primary goal in each piece is to be unique and grab the viewer’s eye with colour.  Simplicity is the key word for Myra who has a love for the abstract shape and likes to explore and experiment in all mediums.  


By Myra Hammond

 Over the years, Myra has taken numerous workshops and classes to enhance her knowledge and skill and is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.  Since moving to the Okanagan she enjoys the change in scenery from the coast and continues to paint from her home overlooking the Similkameen  Valley and “K” Mountain.  


By Myra Hammond

Also Featured at Location One

Bev Smith

Also featured at location One

Bev has loved taking art classes and spending time trying different techniques and mediums for many years. She enjoys the learning experience and savours the hours  spent putting her ideas on canvas. "For me it is a hobby and a very relaxing and enjoyable one." says Bev.

When travelling, especially in Europe, she loves visiting Art Galleries and is inspired by visiting the studios of Artists around the World 

 Movement One  

 by Lisa Zbinden 

 LOCATION 2:    Wendy Provins Art 

 529 3rd Avenue Keremeos, BC  

Joining Wendy at her studio/gallery will be artist Debbie Rombough and Tara Turner.

 "I am always happy to welcome guests to my home to view and discuss my art work. Commissions are available."  says Wendy. 

Wendy Provins

Pear Circles

By Wendy Provins

Originally from Flin Flon Manitoba, Wendy Provins finds inspiration  from the incrredible beauty of the  Similkameen Valley, where she now happily resides.

"I've always had a pencil or paintbrush in my hand from a very young age." she confides.

You can find Wendy's art work available for sale at a few locations in Manitoba and several locations throughout the Okanagan/Similkameen including the Three Winds Gallery and Tree to Me in Keremeos. Wendy is a member of the Okanagan Art Gallery in Osoyoos, BC, a cooperative gallery of over 20 artists. For the past three years I have been juried into Art Walk in Lake Country and participate in local art shows on a continual basis.

The Love of Elephants

By Debbie Rombough

 Debbie Rombough was born in High Prairie Alberta, one of 5 children.   Debbie has lived in many locations in Western Canada and learned to recognize the beauty in her surroundings including mountains, prairies, foothills, and forests.
Having formal training in Commercial Art, in combination with an eye for nature, Debbie is able to recognize balance and light and create interesting compositions. 
After raising 2 children, Debbie now lives in the beautiful Similkameen Valley where she expresses herself through photography, painting, drawing and quilting, while spoiling her husband and dog. 

The Secret Path of Midnight

By Tara Turner

 Tara Turner is a self-taught digital artist and photographer who lives in the village of Keremeos in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.  She is inspired by nature, the constant rhythm and movement of all things living, and the unobserved lives of trees and the forest.  She loves spending time outdoors and creating images of trees (the vibrant and magical life-givers of the natural world) the way she has always imagined them to be. 

  LOCATION 3:     Art is Brewin 

 530-3rd Ave Keremeos, BC 

Come and explore the art of contemporary artist & landscape photographer Dave Brewin. (Across the street from Wendy Provins Art.)

If my work has inspired a smile or your imagination, then I've accomplished what I set out to do.  

Dave Brewin


By Dave Brewin

West Coast Groove

By Dave Brewin

Canola Living Sky

By Dave Brewin

Dave is a Canadian artist who creates paintings that are heavily inspired by his family and the music that he enjoys while painting. His pieces are mainly abstract and non-objective lending themselves to be as interpretative as they are expressive.

Dave has always been an artist at heart. He became a professional photographer in 1993 and expanded his creative expression to painting in early March 2017. 
The want/need to paint has been with Dave ever since he can remember but he didn’t take that first step until after receiving his first easel and acrylic paints for Christmas 2016 from his wife. After that there has been no looking back, blending the detail of photography with his admiration for the abstract.
Experimenting with acrylics, mediums, pigments etc has turned into a passion and with every painting new ideas and techniques have and will be implemented.

Dave has been honored to have his paintings hung in various galleries & Art Shows  in the Okanagan including  Lake Country ArtWalk 2018, The Penticton Art Gallery, Front St. Gallery, Gallery 97 in Peachland and the new 3 Winds Gallery & Ferdinand Gallery in Keremeos.

LOCATION 4: Ferdinand Gallery 

 2649 Hwy 3, Keremeos BC. 

Also known as The One-Eyed Budgie/Laugh Factory, this fabulous little shop/gallery is one of the latest arrivals in Keremeos. Dave & Susan Shearer are the owners and it has been a marvellous addition to the village. They have the most marvellous hand-crafted garden ornaments (all made on the premises) and lots of other goodies to make you smile. I will also have a few of my paintings there as well as at my studio so there will certainly be a good variety.   

The gallery will be featuring artists Peggie Collins and Bonnie Roberts during this event.

*Note: Driving to this location is recommended.

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